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Phoenix Arizona residents are more eager than ever to enjoy the sought-after benefits of medicinal marijuana. However, in order for these individuals to legally gain access to medical marijuana in the Arizona, they must maintain MMJ cards’ valid statuses.

Updating an Arizona MMJ card is of vital importance to stay legal, check your allotments, and state-licensed dispensaries are unable to allow medical marijuana menu purchases from individuals whose MMJ cards have not been updated in the past year.

Furthermore, fines and legal consequences could become an issue if you have marijuana products in your possession but have not renewed your medical marijuana card. Thankfully, though, the process for renewing a medical marijuana card in the state of Arizona are not at all complicated.

It is recommended to begin the process of renewing your Arizona MMJ card at least 90 days before your current card will no longer be valid. You will be required to complete many of the same steps that it took to receive your initial MMJ card.

The Arizona Department of Health Services will play a crucial role in the renewal of your medical marijuana card rather than your local Phoenix dispensary. They must receive a number of items from you to begin the MMJ card renewal process.

Firstly, you must receive from a doctor a brand new physician certification. If you wish, you can visit the same doctor who worked with you when first attaining your MMJ card.

Next, the Arizona Department of Health Services will require a reasonably current photograph. One that has been taken within the past six months should suffice.

Additionally, you must fill out another Patient Attestation Form, which must include the current date.

The next item that the Arizona Department of Health Services will need to see comes in the form of documentation. This documentation must prove your SNAP eligibility, and it must also be current.

Finally, Arizona MMJ card holders whose names are now different, due to either marriage or other reasons, will also have to meet the requirement of submitting an ID card copy.

Aside from all of this, a reputable doctor must also verify that the card holder still has a qualifying health condition.

As you can see, the process that an Arizona patient must go through to successfully renew an MMJ card is quite involved. However, this renewal process is typically completed rather quickly when compared with the process of attaining a card holder’s original MMJ card.

There will rarely be an issue of you manage to submit all the aforementioned information required by the Arizona Department of Health Services on time, especially if there are at least 30 days remaining on your current Arizona medical marijuana card.

If the MMJ card renewal process seems a bit daunting, there are several certification centers available, which can assist card holders with the application and qualification process. If you choose to use a certification center, though, please keep in mind that they will require an extra cost on top of Arizona’s normal state fee.

Cost is naturally the next concern that an Arizona MMJ card holder will have when it comes time for renewal. All MMJ card fees have been previously established by the Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) R9-17-102.

$150 is the normal application fee for a qualifying adult patient, but those with SNAP eligibility will pay $75. Qualifying minor patients will pay either $350 or $275 for their application costs, depending on whether they are eligible for SNAP. Finally, a Designated Caregiver Application will require a $200 fee for each patient.

Whether you are a Designated Caregiver or a patient, it is important to never let a medical marijuana card reach its expiration.