We’ve been hearing some interesting things about marijuana and weight loss. Of course, we’ve also heard that using medical cannabis can trigger your appetite or give you the “munchies,” which would seem to do the opposite – put the weight on. People who have HIV/AIDS many times use medical marijuana for that express purpose, that is, to stimulate their appetite because the disease makes them not want to eat. So, since there is somewhat of a basic conflict in the premise that marijuana can cause weight loss, let’s look into it and see what we can find out.

A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology found that 22% of people who don’t use pot are obese while only 14% of medical marijuana users were obese. That is quite a difference in the numbers of obese people in this country. By the way, the study adjusted the numbers for age, gender and tobacco use and found that the results were the same. Interestingly, they also found that cannabis users had lower diabetes rates than non-marijuana users.

The researchers concluded their study with several theories about marijuana and diabetes, and marijuana and weight loss, which they felt were connected in some ways. One theory was that medical marijuana boosted the metabolism in pot users, which meant that the subjects burned more calories than the people who didn’t use marijuana, which pointed to the concept of eating more but gaining less weight. Cannabis also apparently raised good cholesterol levels, which helped keep users slimmer.

The study found that fasting insulin levels were 16% lower in the people who used weed when compared to non-users, which lessened the risk of diabetes in the future. Fasting insulin levels is simply how your blood glucose levels are doing over time. Insulin assists in the movement of sugar (blood glucose) to your cells where it is held. The higher your glucose levels the more dangerous for you because high glucose levels leads to insulin resistance, which leads to diabetes and heart problems.  By bringing these levels to a lower range, the study suggested that marijuana decreased the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

There are countless testimonials by cannabis smokers who testify about their own experiences of losing weight over a period of time while smoking medical marijuana on a regular basis. The study and the testimonials point toward a non-intentional loss of weight over a segment of time for people who use medical marijuana. The study did not tell us which strains of cannabis were used by those who lost weight so, we’re leaving it up to you to experiment with some popular strains at your favorite Phoenix dispensary.