Such a great idea! Marijuana wine is here and it looks like it’s going to be a huge hit. Apparently, the Chinese occasionally infused their wine with cannabis and heck, look what it did for them. They created gunpowder, kites, paper, movable type, mechanical clocks, tea, the compass and too many other cool things to mention in this tiny space.

Those Chinese guys and girls were truly inventive and we are not saying unequivocally that it was the medical marijuana-infused wine that brought these wonderful innovations to the forefront of their minds – but who’s to say that it’s not? We just think the co-incidence of wine mixed with cannabis could have been the catalyst for some really ingenious gadgets being developed. Be that as it may (I love that phrase), we think there are other wonderful uses for non-alcoholic wine-infused with THC.

One of the main functions of this terrific concept beverage is to ease people into feeling as though they truly blend in with others at social functions. Not that this is a huge problem, but there are folks out there who don’t drink alcohol but who do like their buds in any form that is handy. So, besides the great taste of alcohol-free wine, the THC will give you a light buzz in the way you are most comfortable with. If you’re a social drinker or an ex-drinker, you can enjoy the crowd and the evening (or afternoon) with THC laced non-alcoholic wine. Drink your preferred medication with the people you love to be with. In fact, if you bring your own THC infused wine, they never have to know what the secret element in the vino really is. Don’t ask – don’t tell. Or whatever you feel comfortable with.

Of course, the best wine to infuse with THC is non-alcoholic wine. That way, you don’t have to ever worry about overmedicating yourself or actually getting tipsy because of too much alcohol in your system. Non-alcoholic wine tastes the same as wine with alcohol but there is no kick to it. The only buzz you will get is from the THC in your medical marijuana within the wine. Look for THC infused wine at your favorite Phoenix dispensary. It’s coming soon.

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