If you haven’t hopped on the dab-train, there is really no better time than right now. Dabs have been noted to give people a really nice body high, with people also feeling much higher than they would get otherwise. With so many people beginning to dab, it’s important to distinguish between a regular dab and live resin. So, what actually is live resin? For starters, it’s most well understood as the “best dabs around.” What makes it different from your everyday dab is that live resin comes from a fresh and frozen cannabis flower, rather than buds that have been dried out.

During the drying and curing process, it is estimated that “as much of 60% of a plant’s terpene content is lost…” 
But what’s so important about terpene? If you’ve never heard the word, they are, more or less, the essential oils” that come from various plant extracts. Likewise, these oils are also responsible for why live resin tends to have a “fresher flavor profile.” They are extremely important to live resin because they have “been proven to interact synergistically with cannabinoids to provide for a range of different effects.”

In addition to the fresher flavor, burning concentrates “means that the gas inhaled from dabs is cooler, smoother and less irritating” on the lungs than regular, dry-burning. Thus, this is a good substitute for people who have trouble smoking regular dry-bud. Luckily, for the more adventurous type, there has been development in terpene-rich concentrates.

One of these products, known as “HolyWater,” is estimated to have a terpene concentrate of “20% terps or more.” Being that HolyWater is actually BHO, it is relative to other BHO’s such as shatter and wax. However, HolyWater is has a “high terpene content, which gives it more of a sappy, liquid consistency.” And on that note, because of its consistency, it can even be mixed with other like-oils, to boost both terp and THC content.  

What makes this kind of product really interesting and convenient is that because it emulates something like a liquid, it can even be used in vapes (even vape pens). Because these types of products are highly concentrated (especially if you decide to mix something else with it), it’s hard to determine exactly how much you concentrate you can inhale. It is noted that smoking too much can lead to nausea and anxiety- but this type of information is subjective to each person.