Our State-of-the-Art Cultivation


How it begins

Like grapes are to wine and hops to beer, UGD cannabis begins with the finest seeds hand-selected for their top-shelf genetics, great taste and superior smoke. This then begins the 16 week journey from seed to flower and then cure…. a process that we believe results in the finest cannabis you will ever try.


We pamper each plant with the richest soil, the purest water, and the best nutrients commercially available. The crop is then grown under perfect conditions in our state of the art climate controlled cultivation facility (pictured above). At harvest, each plant is hand trimmed and packaged to maximize its freshness.


Wide selection of medical grade sativa, indica and hybrid strains that cannot be reproduced anywhere else in Arizona.

Meet your grow staff

To see all your hard work pay off on harvest day, and knowing we did it the right way, is the best feeling in the world.Guillermo Trimmer


From source to sale, we’re there for every step of the way. There aren’t many dispensaries that have the kind of set-up we have.Jeff Extraction

There’s a lot that goes into this process and we’re always keeping tabs on our plants, day in & day out. Shortcuts aren’t an option here.Alex Cultivation


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