Order Online with UGDGO

, Order Online with UGDGO, Urban Greenhouse
Thank you for choosing UGD GO express ordering! Express ordering is available from 8am – 9pm with pick times from 8:15am – 9:45pm every day. A minimum of 10 – 15 minutes is required from ordering time to have the order ready for pickup. We accept cash and debit cards ($3.75 fee) plus we have an ATM available on-site ($2 fee). Express orders can also be placed via phone by calling (602) 710 – 1650. Please call this number if there are any questions or concerns as well.

How To Pick Up Your Order In-Store

When you arrive, let the receptionist know that you placed an express order and they will direct you to the Express Station. All applicable discounts will be applied at the time of pick up. Total might be different then advertised price and you can call us to confirm prior to pickup. We look forward to helping you.